Born-That-Way: Excerpt From a Conversation

1280px-Creation_of_Adam_Sistine_ChapelGod created all men in his own image. His design was to have men live forever in Godly perfection, however after sin entered the world all men (and women) are born fallen. In other words all people are “born that way”, but the point of all of Jesus’ teachings is that although we were born that way, Jesus came to heal us. His acts of physical healing in the gospels are physical representations of the spiritual reality that we all MUST be born again. We must be, or we will not fulfill God’s original design of living forever in Godly perfection. If one insists on living in their first born state, it is like a leper insisting to Jesus that he does not want to be healed, but would rather live in his decomposing state.

Parsing one born-that-way status with another trying to prove that it’s fine with God that we live within the sexual sin of our choosing is deadly. It really doesn’t matter which sexual sin you choose. There is only one manner of holy sex: That between a man and woman married to each other. So, my point to you is that it is a waste of time to try and compare what this Christian says, or that “Christian” says. Jesus was also very vocal about false teaching. Follow Christ alone. Read his words and understand that you must be reborn, and the way that you do that is 2 steps: Repent of your unbelief in Christ as Lord and trust Christ as Lord. Repent & Trust.


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