100 Days

timeI started a functional analysis journal at the start of the new year. I’ve done them many times, but I didn’t know the process is used by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and that it was called “functional analysis”. The method I have undertaken is to use a 2 page spread in a notebook where one page is for a fairly detailed day’s schedule and activities and the other page is a free-form journal to summarize or make notes that are pertinent to the day. I have done this for chronic health issues for myself or my husband and as a spiritual journal or bible study journal or prayer journal. I’ve done it for school when I was home schooling all of our kids and I’ve done it for study purposes, taking notes of lectures or webinars or sermons. I have notebooks all over the place.

This year, I started another health and fitness journal. Health and fitness is a popular topic every new year for many people in our culture, but I think about it all year. I became very interested in natural remedies and health when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1991/1992. I made my own almond milk and other various things that are now mass produced and can be found in local grocery stores. I’ve read many things and tried many things. I am almost 50  years old and I do not take regular prescriptions of any kind. I take aspirin for headaches, a daily multi and magnesium. I see a chiropractor 1-2 times each month. I walk with my son about 3 days a week, but the last 10 years has been a struggle for physical fitness. I’ve concluded that any fitness problems I have stem from too much eating and sitting and not enough fasting and moving.

So, now that the functional analysis is done, onto the “homework” phase. Today marks the start of 100 days I have set aside to change my habits for a new season in my life. Tomorrow, day 99, I will discuss my weekly goals and homework. I turn 50 this year. I have been a Christian for 30 years. My firstborn gets married this year and graduates from college this year. My second born and his wife made me into a new grandmother 6 months ago. My youngest was baptized this year and is finishing up home school while starting college. I hope to graduate from college next spring and also next year my husband and I celebrate 30 years married! These events represent so much thankfulness I have to the Lord for this life He gave to me. Whatever days the Lord has left for me to keep breathing, I want to redeem them.


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