This picture of the goose by the waterfall was taken by me at North Park Village in Chicago.  It’s part of the Chicago Park District and if you live anywhere near there, it’s a nice oasis on the northwest side of the city.  Here’s a link to the website: North Park Village Nature Center.  There’s more I want to say about this place, because years ago, it used to be the Municipal Turberculosis Sanitarium.  I have lots of pictures of the buildings.  It’s like being in a monastery.

  • Pray: …for our people, for our country, for repentance and healing 
  • Read:  All of Jonah – New American Standard version  
  • Listen: A Tale of Two Sons – The Licentious Son Pt. 2 by John MacArthur
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    I know it’s not Monday…


    …but I’m going to start blogging again.  I like to start new things on Monday, but this coming Monday, I will be starting a new job and I may not have time to post a blog entry Monday -Friday.  So, Thursday is as good a day to start as any.

    Our pastor has been preaching from the book of Jonah and he has brought out some great insights about knowing God’s will for your life and obeying God’s call.  Jonah is a short book in the old testament. 

    A few weeks ago, I heard one message in a series about the prodigal son, his father and his brother.  It was an excellent message by John MacArthur.  Start listening with me to the first message of the whole series "A Tale of Two Sons".