Drawing Technique – Class 4

The lighting quality in this video isn’t the greatest, but there are only 2 drawings to show the technique of overlapping.



Drawing Technique – Class 2

Featured Artists This Week

Zach L.




And here are the videos! I want to give credit to Ryan, Derek and Emilee for their assistance with the videos.  Since Emilee started classes at the college, she has provided more consulting and the use of her equipment, whereas Ryan has done the hands-on video editing.  Derek has been a real motivator and help with the actual drawings and encouragement. 



Drawing Technique – Class 1

Featured Artists This Week

(AKA -A few students who did their homework!)

Faith C.

Andrew D.



These videos are a much simplified summary of Mark Kistler’s lessons from his book, Draw Squad.  They are a repeat of the drawings we did in class, so the students can check back again, or review what was missed. (Including the homework!) If you love the drawing techniques and want to go to the source, I encourage you to get Mark Kistler’s books or even search for him on YouTube.  There are videos of ‘himself’ going into greater detail.  I also have a link to his website under the "Fantabulous" section of the sidebar of my blog.