Day 92


We spent a night at the spa last weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary. It was wonderful. We didn’t partake of any of the professional spa services. We just made use of our wonderful room and spa-like bath. Then we walked around the historic hotel, taking in all of the amazing architectural features. It was like visiting the Titanic. Researching the history of the area was fascinating. I learned a lot about mineral springs and discovered a lot of health benefits from mineral water. As soon as I got home, I bought some Celtic sea salt and made salt sole to put in my water every morning. For more information on salt sole and mineral water, here’s a  blog link: Minerals

This is the first full week working on my health and fitness goals checklists in my journal. In 5 days of log entries, my morning blood sugar numbers have come down 40 points. My blood pressure was 120/81 this morning. This afternoon, my son and I plan a 3 mile walk. I haven’t consistently hit all of my daily goals this week and I know it is because of too much time on the computer. I have homework and work-work on the computer, but social media adds too many extra hours each week. So, I made a couple of changes, which I will talk about in more detail in my next blog post.

Bible Study and Prayer:

Bible Reading – The OT book of Joel

Select Verses – “Blow ye a trumpet in Zion”, “The day of the Lord is great and terrible. Who can endure it?”, “I will restore the years the locusts have eaten.”, “Your sons & daughters shall prophesy.”, “For the Lord dwells in Zion.”

Hymn – “My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine-For Thee all the follies of sin I resign; my gracious Redeemer, my Savior art Thou: If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.”

1 John 4:19 “We love Him because He first loved us”

Prayer for Friday – Your name O Lord, is a strong and mighty tower! I confess I am a sinner Lord but you are faithful and just to forgive my sin and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Thank you for making a way for this sinner to come to you and pray and seek your face for all things for myself and for others. Thank you for your cleansing, healing, joy and strength. Lord, I lift up my husband and son to you here at our home and out at their homes, my children and grandchild. Father, I pray and honor my parents and lift up my brothers and sisters to you. For those who don’t know you, I pray for their salvation. For those who know you, I pray that they will know you more today. Father, today is Friday, and I have this day dedicated to add pray for our nation and our leaders. Thank you for the ways in which you lead us. Thank you for leaders who speak your name openly and seek to do good to our nation and serve the people for your sake. Lord, deliver us from he evil one, save the people and heal our land.

Days 99,98 & 97

french-lick2I was able to walk a lot over the weekend, while away on a special trip with my husband. It was the perfect start to the 100 days, walking the streets of a little resort town, quiet in the off season, seemingly frozen in times past and think about life.

So…homework. I changed my notebook pages to keep track of my homework by the week rather than detailed days. I’ve logged several things that chip away at my personal goals the last few days. Beginning tomorrow morning I hit the full list.

A sample of my daily goals list looks like this:

Sun  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat

5 fruits/day             ““`

4 bottles water       ““

1lb green leafy        `

1lb cooked greens  `


Walk 1mi +                “`


Blood Sugar             136

BP                               120/77


Prayer & Bible 1hr +  `




100 Days

timeI started a functional analysis journal at the start of the new year. I’ve done them many times, but I didn’t know the process is used by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and that it was called “functional analysis”. The method I have undertaken is to use a 2 page spread in a notebook where one page is for a fairly detailed day’s schedule and activities and the other page is a free-form journal to summarize or make notes that are pertinent to the day. I have done this for chronic health issues for myself or my husband and as a spiritual journal or bible study journal or prayer journal. I’ve done it for school when I was home schooling all of our kids and I’ve done it for study purposes, taking notes of lectures or webinars or sermons. I have notebooks all over the place.

This year, I started another health and fitness journal. Health and fitness is a popular topic every new year for many people in our culture, but I think about it all year. I became very interested in natural remedies and health when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1991/1992. I made my own almond milk and other various things that are now mass produced and can be found in local grocery stores. I’ve read many things and tried many things. I am almost 50  years old and I do not take regular prescriptions of any kind. I take aspirin for headaches, a daily multi and magnesium. I see a chiropractor 1-2 times each month. I walk with my son about 3 days a week, but the last 10 years has been a struggle for physical fitness. I’ve concluded that any fitness problems I have stem from too much eating and sitting and not enough fasting and moving.

So, now that the functional analysis is done, onto the “homework” phase. Today marks the start of 100 days I have set aside to change my habits for a new season in my life. Tomorrow, day 99, I will discuss my weekly goals and homework. I turn 50 this year. I have been a Christian for 30 years. My firstborn gets married this year and graduates from college this year. My second born and his wife made me into a new grandmother 6 months ago. My youngest was baptized this year and is finishing up home school while starting college. I hope to graduate from college next spring and also next year my husband and I celebrate 30 years married! These events represent so much thankfulness I have to the Lord for this life He gave to me. Whatever days the Lord has left for me to keep breathing, I want to redeem them.

Morning Fitness

12b1eeca5ab362f4153451a94facf96dThis is the cutest chart for yoga fitness! I found it on Pinterest

My son and I started walking a path near our house. The path is designed to reach 15 miles around the perimeter of the city. We have been able to walk a total of 3 miles, which we completed yesterday. He was glad we were able to do it, because we tried a walking race last year and only made it 2 miles before needing to ride the shuttle to the end. The last few days have been sunny and beautiful, but today is overcast, so we will rest our ankles and start again tomorrow. This morning, I think I will do the bunny yoga. 🙂

Eat to Live – Last Post of 2012

This is only my second post on this subject, but it’s also my last one of the year. I’m taking a break from all internet and Facebook until school starts back again in mid-January. I try to take a break every year at least once, and I feel like taking a break right now. I’m guessing a lot of people feel that way. 😦

I decided to post a little update, as I have been working on the principles outlined in Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrmann. As I mentioned previously, I was going to join the Eat to Live community, but I haven’t done that yet. At the moment, I’m incorporating all of the good stuff that makes up the 90% of the eating plan, but the 10% is still hanging around, taking up at least 50% of my meals! However, even adding the good stuff has made a change in the way I feel. I was talking to a lady at work who had previously been in charge of a weight loss contest at work. I told her about this book and she already knew about Dr. Fuhrmann from something she watches on TV. She and I are planning to encourage each other and try to make a go of this.

Have a great Christmas, New Year or other holidays you celebrate. 🙂

Eat to Live

Eat To Live Website – Dr. Fuhrmann


Today, I started the initial 6-week start of Eat to Live. I already know how this is going to go. My mom started this on November 1st for health reasons and she has already had great success on so many levels. After she told me weeks ago that she had started this at the encouragement of her doctor for one of her diabetes maintenance visits, I knew she was on the right track and I wanted to follow. I started adding in fruit every morning like I used to do years ago. When I was pregnant with my first, I ate a mostly vegetarian diet with few processed foods and almost no fast food. It was the healthiest pregnancy of the 3. However, as with many, many people, we became very busy and convenience took over, but it’s wrong to think a ‘nutritarian’ diet is inconvenient. When 90% of your food is plant-based and much of it raw, it’s pretty convenient to just walk into the store and buy produce, wash it and eat it. I chew and eat raw garlic, I can certainly eat raw lettuces, cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, celery, oranges, apples, bananas, peas and kale. Every restaurant I go to has salads and water.

Making this change right smack in the middle of the holidays is all the better, because after reading the first chapter of the book and talking to my mom, I just don’t want to wait any longer. I’m weary of having a stomach ache every single day and I resist going to a regular doctor or taking any prescription medication unless I’m at death’s door. I see a chiropractor and use herbal remedies for most common ailments, but I’ve procrastinated on the diet issue for too long. I’m considering joining the Eat to Live community for support during this time. My husband says he plans to join me and the results will be our gift to one another for our 25th wedding anniversary next year.



An long-time friend of ours is a runner and he updates his runs and walks and other fitness activity on dailymile:

It’s like facebook for fitness activity, but it’s more focused and the names are limited to first names and last intitials.  Mark and I signed up tonight.  We like the format and it’s simple for us to log in our activities daily.

Try it!  If you can get to it, here’s my page: