Blogtober 8th – Adding Exercise


Love my Skechers

It is time to add more exercise to my routine. When I walk for only 15 minutes, my blood glucose level drops between 10-70 mg/dl. Changing my diet has given me the energy and desire to walk. It has dropped my blood glucose daily average by 20 mg/dl. That is a great start, but it isn’t enough. I have to make a special effort to exercise every single day. This morning I walked a block down from the house to a small park and walked for 15 minutes. I can certainly do that every morning. I listened to the bible reading plan I’m working on, in the YouVersion app today while walking.

The walk routine I plan to use is to do this before each meal, and my meal plan needs to be more uniform. Right now it is completely meatless and eggless, but I haven’t been as strict about avoiding dairy and keeping to a schedule. We are out of the house a lot and I eat out often. Cheese, milk, cream and butter are in a lot of things. Last night we ate out for our date night and I had a salad, pasta with zucchini and a mushroom sauce, but after starting it I realized the sauce probably has butter and cream in it. I was trying to avoid the cheese. My blood glucose was elevated this morning, I’m sure because of the pasta. I didn’t eat the bread or have dessert and I had unsweet tea with a lemon and a lime wedge in it. So, next week: No pasta or flour tortillas or bread. No cheese, no milk, in addition to the no meat or eggs.

I remember when my mother-in-law was alive and she started walking a lot in her retirement years, she used to say after a heavy meal, “Well, anyone want to go with me and walk it off?” I think there is a lot of wisdom in that. Maybe if I had walked *after* supper last night, I would have had a better report this morning!

So, today:

Weigh in lbs          – Down 5 pounds since October 1st

Avg daily mg/dl     – Down 20 points since October 1st

6:00am – Blood Glucose 233 mg/dl

– Walk 15 minutes

6:21am – Blood Glucose 163 mg/dl

10:00am – Breakfast …2:00pm – Lunch…6:00pm – Supper

– Walk first for 15 minutes

– 6oz (min) raw colorful vegetables (unlimited)

– 6oz (min) cooked colorful vegetables (unlimited)

– 3oz beans (9oz max/day)

– 3oz fruit (9oz max/day)

– 3oz starchy vegetable (potato, squash – 9oz max/day)

– 3oz nuts (9oz max/day)

– Tea or water

Bible Study

  • Reading 1 Chronicles 18 – 23
    • Notables:
      • David counting the people of Israel
      • God not happy and offers 3 consequences from which to choose
        • David chooses to be delivered over to God’s hand rather than man’s
        • Thousands die by plague
        • David implores God to punish him and his house alone and not the others
      • Solomon, David’s son
        • God wants Solomon to build His temple
        • God says David spilled too much blood in His sight
        • Solomon will live in peace
        • David did all he could do before he died to help prepare Solomon for this task

Blogtober 7th – Be Kind Always, For it Could All Be Over in an Instant

I woke up with a headache, after sleeping in a recliner last night next to my client’s bedside. Tomorrow will mean a visit to the chiropractor. I also woke up with a conscience ache. I wasn’t kind yesterday. Whatever anyone else did or was doing makes no difference. I’m not responsible for them, I’m responsible for me. I looked for scripture to support me and the passage I was looking for did support me, but just a few words later it turned right around and cut me. I just won’t do it anymore if I have an ounce of control of my own thoughts and my own tongue. “Holy Spirit take control, take my body, mind and soul.”


Blogtober 6th – Eating Out


I was working in Henderson and Mark came with me, so we made it into a lunch date. It was a beautiful day and I said I wanted to try one of the restaurants down by the river. The only one open that had patio seating was TacoHolics. So, I tried to order as veg of a lunch as I could while still giving their food proper try. We had chips and salsa and unsweet tea with lemon and lime.

chips and salsa

Mark ordered a steak burrito which was more than enough. It filled the whole basket. I ordered bean burritos and instead of beans and rice on the side, I ordered a salad, with guacamole. The burritos came covered in liquid cheese and there was sour cream on the salad. Hmm. No meat, but Not vegan. In the interest of science, I ate them. 😉 My blood glucose went to 213. I did not walk today. Next week I will try again and change this entree to make it fit my eating plan.

wet burritos

We really like this restaurant. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is inexpensive.  I want to go here often. So, I’m going to try and figure out what I can eat. I could probably have eaten everything on this plate without the flour tortillas and had no jump in my blood glucose levels.


Maybe next week after lunch we will go walk along the river…

Blogtober 5th – Grocery Day


Time to shop!

Its been a long time since I was confident enough to buy this much produce. If there are a lot of convenience foods in the house, we won’t eat much produce. If there are Hot Pockets in the freezer, the beans are ignored. We don’t make salad to go with the diGiorno pizza. Fruit smoothies don’t taste good with an Egg McMuffin.

In previous attempts to start eating plans created by someone else, and written in books, I’ve tried their techniques to be successful, like cleaning out the cabinets, complete abstinence from no-no foods or else start all over, fasting before I start, no dining out, make everything from scratch, etc. Maybe I just don’t have the temperament for these. For instance, Whole30 is the “start over” plan. So, if you get to day 29 and discover there’s glazed almonds in your salad that you ordered at a restaurant and didn’t notice until you ate some of it, you start over. There’s no Whole30 police watching you. Obviously, a sane person can ignore this directive and just move on, but it feels like cheating a game to me. I’m not playing a game. I’m trying to stay well.

So, this month, I’m striving for vegan. I’ve never done this before, but I’m finding it surprisingly easy to stay away from meat of any kind. I may be able to follow close to Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutrarian plan which treats meat like a condiment, after October is over. I want to try to make and drink more bone broth as well. The eating plans I have read about and studied and tried are all helpful in their own way and have taught me important things about nutrition, but what I am most concerned about is food that has traveled far, far away from God’s garden and was robbed of its value by the time it gets to our dinner plate. As a psychology student, I am intrigued by the evidence for psychological side effects from an overly processed diet. The physical effects are already well known.

Blogtober 4th – Breakfast


Strawberry, banana & kale smoothie with a bowl of organic beans with salsa and avocado.

I don’t have enough time to make everything myself. I use Bolthouse Farms bottled fruit smoothie and I blend it with kale. The organic beans are just a can of Simple Truth Organic Tri-Bean Blend. The salsa is Frog Ranch Salsa and there’s nothing special about the avocado. I drink a lot of water. My water is flavor enhanced. I haven’t given that up and I probably won’t.

So far, this plan is working for me. We will see how it works in the coming days.

Brothers and sisters on the beach, awaiting hurricane Irma.

“Hallelujah, Holy, Holy, God Almighty, The Great I Am!
Who is worthy, none beside Thee, God Almighty, The Great I am!”

Blogtober 2nd – More of Him and Less of Me

runner2“.. lay aside every weight..” Hebrews 12:1

I’m done with days 1-3. The first thing I have noticed is a sense of stillness in the evenings as my body is trying to figure out what to do next, because I’m not constantly consuming and digesting something. My stomach decides its hungry and my brain starts running through a slide show of snacks, so I sip cold water.

I woke up the last 2 mornings without my usual headache. I’m down 3 pounds and my fasting blood glucose reading in the morning is down 50 (mg/dl). I’m about 32 away from normal. Even avoiding refined ingredients, processed foods and animal products, during the day my blood sugar can go too high if I eat too much fruit or grains. That’s when walking will be my friend. I haven’t started that yet this week. I will start Monday. I was supposed to start yesterday, but stuff happened over the weekend and I didn’t get to it. I have to be ready for stuff to happen, because it always does…like today when you are working OT and you aren’t able to make your food, so you order the salad without chicken and it has blue cheese in it, which you only notice when you get to the bottom. It was delicious, but I digress.

I’m back to the plan, which is to be fit and lean in service to Christ, laying aside “every weight” that hinders. Someone reading this might say ‘Paul isn’t talking about losing body fat.’ No. He’s talking about laying aside anything that clutters up our mind and life, hindering the body from serving Christ fully. The physical me is about 45% more than I need to carry and at 50 years old, I’m running out of steam. My aches and pains are shouting for my attention, but I’m not going to give in without a fight.

Bible Study

Using YouVersion app for iPad

  • Bible in 90-days Plan
    • Today I read 1 Chronicles 10-23
      • Notables:
      • Death of Jonathan and his brothers
      • Death of Saul & end of his house & reign
        • So, did this completely end Saul’s descendancy?
      • Uzza smote by God for reaching out his hand to prevent the ark from falling off of the ox cart.
      • 1 Chronicles 15-16 David celebrating the return of the ark to Israel
        • Michal, the daughter of Saul and wife of David, despising David’s dancing with the singers.
        • So, ok, Michal is one of Saul’s descendants
      • “Declare his glory among the heathen; his marvellous works among all nations. for great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the people are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.”
      • 1 chronicles 16:43 “And all the people departed every man to his house: and David returned to bless his house.”
        • Bless your house, men! Bless your house.

Father in heaven, there is none like thee. I give thanks to you for filling my heart with joy overflowing. Lord, I pray for everyone I know within reach of my knowledge. I pray for their salvation in Jesus Christ. Amen.